Directions for Use


Place one ovule into the vagina daily, preferably at bedtime, for at least two or three weeks. In case of vaginal atrophy, RepaGyn® vaginal suppositories may be used even for longer periods. The duration of use depends on evolution of symptoms and on the advice of your healthcare practitioner.


  1. Wash your vaginal area with water. Dry thoroughly.
  2. Remove the vaginal ovule from its packaging by pulling on the two pre-cut tabs of the plastic strip (Figure 1).
  3. Hold the ovule with your thumb and finger (Figure 2) to prepare for insertion into the vagina.
  4. Assume a comfortable position – either stand with one leg elevated or lay down on your back with knees bent (Figure 3).
  5. Use your finger to gently push the ovule into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go (Figure 4).
  6. Lie down as soon as possible (recommended to insert at bedtime); lying down will reduce leakage that could possibly occur while standing or walking around.

Once inside the vagina, the ovule will dissolve within approximately 40 minutes, in which time it forms a layer on the vaginal wall. The consistency the product maintains after insertion should prevent any leakage. If needed, it is recommended to use a sanitary napkin rather than a tampon to prevent staining of clothing and bed linens.


Sexual Activity: Consult your healthcare professional whether refraining from sexual activity is needed.

Other Medications/Devices: It is not advisable to use RepaGyn® in combination with any other vaginal medications or devices without consulting your healthcare professional.

How often to use RepaGyn®?

RepaGyn® helps relieve vaginal dryness and helps to promote healing of vaginal tissue

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