I am so glad to know about RepaGyn, it has certainly made a difference for me during lovemaking. I never knew there was an over the counter treatment for vaginal dryness. I am very happy it does not contain hormones.*

SA, age 52

I’m so glad I was recommended RepaGyn for my vaginal dryness. It has worked so well for me. Now I feel very comfortable heading back out into the dating world.*

LM, age 55

I have suffered with vaginal dryness for a while now because of age. Sex is very painful but my husband (79) suffers because he still enjoys that part of life… Since using RepaGyn, we are back to a happy, healthy, pain free sex life.*

MB, age 75

My only symptom is vaginal dryness which really bothers me and my husband. It has really affected our intimacy. Neither my husband nor I want to have sex because it is so painful and he does not want to hurt me. Since using RepaGyn, everything is much better. We are back to our former frisky selves.*

LA, age 60

My marriage broke up because of vaginal dryness which made sex so painful that it led to low sexual desire. Since using RepaGyn, my vagina is so much healthier and I now realize that there is a treatment for vaginal dryness. I wish this was available years ago. This will save many marriages, I am sure.*

BB, age 56

The minute I went on cancer treatment everything dried up and my doctor did not want me to use any hormones. I am so grateful that I found RepaGyn because it has restored moisture to my vagina. Cancer was bad enough and then the treatment was even worse. Happy now though, cancer free with a healthy vagina!*

AF, age 57

I recently started using RepaGyn for vaginal dryness that I had been experiencing since my mid-40’s as the result of a hysterectomy. Within the first week there was a noticeable difference and my symptoms improved substantially with continued use. I wish I had found the benefits of RepaGyn 10 years ago. It’s safe, hormone free and easy to use. I plan to keep using it throughout my menopausal years and beyond.*

LL, age 50

Health has always been an important part of my life but I did not realize how important vaginal health was until I got vaginal dryness. It was so uncomfortable whether I was walking around or having sex. RepaGyn has changed all of that! I feel fantastic once again and it is so easy to use.*

TM, age 48

Don’t suffer in silence; there are many available options to help get relief!

RepaGyn® is a hormone free option to help relieve vaginal dryness and help promote healing of vaginal tissue

The above testimonials were provided by users of RepaGyn®. Results with RepaGyn® may vary on an individual basis.

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